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Watch Out for These 3 Red Flags to Spot a Junk Car Scam

It is no secret that so many people present themselves as a junk car company and as soon as a person shows their junk car and trusts them to offer the best value, they disappear into thin air in no time. Unfortunately, a large number of scammers have ruined the reputation of the industry. However, one can also not deny that once you are able to find a reliable junk car buyer in your location, you get the top cash in exchange for your junk car.

Thus, to ensure that you safely find and deal with a junk car buyer in Affton and other neighboring areas, we are sharing this guide on how to spot a junk car scam.

Look For These Red Flags to Spot a Junk Car Scam

To avoid being a victim of a junk car scam, keep in mind the following tips:

1. Be wary of bait and switch offers

In a classic bait and switch con, a supposed junk car buyer will tell you the cash value over the phone without actually seeing and evaluating your car. However, when they come to pick your junk car, they will instantly switch from what they offered you to a lot less amount. Sadly, this con works on a significant number of people as they are happy to get at least some cash in exchange for their old car. If someone tries to pull this move on you, say ‘goodbye’ to them instantly without letting them take your junk car.

2. Don’t take payment via check

Trust only the ones that give you cash on the spot before taking your car with them. Otherwise, imagine a scenario where the buyer gives you a check and you go to the bank only to find that the check is nothing but a scam. What’s more, you will have to pay your bank a fee for trying to cash through a bounced check. At this point in time, you will neither have cash nor your car. So, never agree with someone who pays you a check in exchange for your junk car. Always ask for instant hard cash for your junk vehicle.

3. Keep an eye on proper vehicle ownership transfer

When selling your junk car or any junk vehicle, don’t get too caught up in how much cash you can earn from your junk car. You must ensure that the buyer sincerely completes the proper vehicle ownership transfer process. If vehicle ownership is not transferred properly through DMV, you will still be liable for future parking tickets and fines even when you don’t use your car anymore.

Lastly, we would recommend you to choose a junk car buyer only after checking reviews and testimonials. Don’t hesitate to ask if they come and pick up your junk car for free. A reputable junk car buyer in Affton will offer a free pickup service for your junk car.

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