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Some Misconceptions about Selling a Junk Car

You never know when your favorite car turns into junk. It feels bad to sell the car that you bought with your hard-earned. It might be your first dream car. But, the truth is keeping the junked car in your garage will give you nothing. It will just be a masterpiece, taking your valuable space.

What Makes a Car a Junk car?

Sometimes, it’s difficult to determine if the car is junk or not. Don’t worry; we will help you with it. Here are a few signs:

  • If the car doesn’t run
  • If the repair cost is more than the car’s worth
  • If the car is more than 5 years old
  • If the value of the car is extremely low
  • If the important paperwork of the car is missing

Whenever you spot these signs, you should sell your car to a junk car buyer. But before selling, you should check the details about the buyer.

Misconceptions about Selling a Junk Car

Junk car selling is an old concept. But still, there are lots of misconceptions about the same. Therefore, people often avoid selling junk cars and prefer keeping them in their garages or backyards.

In this post, we will discuss some common misconceptions that people have about junk car selling.

Junk car buyers charge for towing 

Not all. Only a few companies charge for towing. Most of the companies offer free-of-cost pick-up services. You just have to schedule the pickup date and time and the professionals will be present to pick your car. You should discuss the pickup charges before agreeing on other terms and conditions.

At Fenton Car Buyer, we pick the car from the client’s site as fast as possible without any towing charge. Our towing service is free of cost. We send a driver to the location to pick up the car.

Junk car buyers don’t consider all conditions of the cars

Even this misconception is not for all junk car buying companies. You will come across some companies who look for specific makes and models and don’t consider all the conditions of the cars. There might different reasons for the same. So, you should be upfront about the condition of your car in the initial conversation.

Fenton car buyer doesn’t belong to the category of the companies that look for specific make or model. We are ready to buy all types of junk cars because we know ways to sell them, recycle them or scrap them.

Junk car selling is a complicated process

It’s not a misconception, but a query that is often asked by junk car sellers. They assume that junk car selling includes many ifs and buts because the car is old and outdated. According to them, the buyer takes time to inspect the car and determine the cost of the same. The process of junk car selling depends on the company you connect with.

At Fenton Car Buyer, you don’t have to worry about the process. It’s very simple and completed within a day or two. The steps to sell your car to us are:

  • Call us or fill the form to find out the worth of your car
  • Accept the offer and schedule the pick-up at your convenience
  • Collect your payment and we will tow away your car for free

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Misconceptions are bad. So you shouldn’t believe them without knowing the truth behind them. We hope you will get rid of misconceptions about junk car selling and sell your car without worries.

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